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Nano-silver Material



Dr. Dandas has incorporated the following features into her line of anti radiation maternity clothing to prevent the nonionising radiation from penetrating through the material. Mother and unborn baby are shielded in one of two ways.

These protective garments either have silver fibres woven into the fabric, or are lined with a silver layer. This means the penetration of the nonionising radiation is blocked by our conductive-fabric technology. This reduces or eliminates the dangerous effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

All our garments are of the highest quality and most advanced materials of metal and fibre blended with Nano-silver fabrics

A sophisticated and gossamer-thin silver-coated thread is invisibly integrated into our maternity clothing fabric and forms a close-woven shielding grid. This fine protective grid acts like a mirror to deflect electromagnetic radiation, giving our maternity clothing fabric a unique protection effect.

Its screening frequency ranges from 1MHz-5GHz. Its shielding effectiveness is 30-40dB.

Most of our Maternity Clothing can shield more than 99.9% harmful electromagnetic waves.




The Silver fibre anti-radiation fabric used in our garments has the following advantages:

  • Anti-electromagnetic radiation: shielding rate more than 99.99 percent.
  • Anti-bacterial functions: the bacteria due to the sweat caused by can be very effectively controlled by their products.
  • Deodorant (Refuse) functions: ingredients of Silver can very quickly adsorb the qualitative changed protein so can reduce and decease the smell.
  • Regulate body temperature (warm in winter & cool in summer): in summer days, they own excellent thermal conductivity & hydrofuge function, so that your body feel cool, thermos effect in winter so it will causing perfect warm effect.