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Harmful effects of EMR


Since the invention of electricity our surroundings have changed dramatically and forever. From the invention of the light globe (Edison) and electricity further inventions and advances have been made in leaps and bounds.

They may be beneficial for communication or easing our household tasks but of what benefit have these developments been to the human body? Everything comes at a price and EMR and EMF is costing our health.

In the first half of the 20th century harmful effects of radiation (now known as ionising radiation) became evident and cautionary measures were adopted. However in the later 20th century when the use of the electromagnetic spectrum increased due to its use in for example mobile communications. 

These radiation frequencies have increased and these are reffered to as non ionising radiation. Non ionising radiation has also been found to be detrimental to our health. Electronic products such as mobile phones, microwaves, stabilizers, radios and transmission towers all emit invisible electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that is dangerous and destroys our health.

EMR causes cell death, infertility, damaged DNA, tumours and cancers but are also hazardous for pregnmant women and their unborn babies. From the ASBB article it quotes that in 2002 a scientific group of professionals presented evidence showing the dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases among patients exposed to radiofreqency/microwaves. These included extreme fluctuation in blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and increasingly younger people with degenerative brain diseases such as alzheimers and epilepsy, leukemia and brain tumours. Also a rise in headaches, sleeplessness, tinnitus, depression, decreased melatonin production, depressed immune system, asthma and allergies.

The above conditions were correlated with the onset of exposure to communication microwaves. Many studies have shown there are increased cancer rates close to mobile phone towers. Breast cancer has more than doubled in Australia in the last 20 years. Brain tumours are specifically associated with mobile and cordless phone use.

Cancers such as brain tumours and leukemia are on the sharp rise in children and modern living is the suspected culprit.

  • In Melbourne 2006, seven people at RMIT developed brain tumours two floors underneath transmitting antennas. They had been working there for ten years.
  • In January 2007 "The International Journal of Cancer published a study that found a higher incidence of brain tumours on the same side of the head the phone was used after ten or more years of exposure.
  • In 2007 officials in Belgium and Germany called for a ban on mobile phone use by children under sixteen years of age.
  • In 1997 Dr Peter Finch in Sydney linked exposure to mobile phone frequencies to increased asthma and allergies.

There is a lot of evidence like the above emerging of the harmful effects of EMR. particularly in the unborn the mother should protect her child. So wearing clothing that can reduce its absorption and using mobile phone covers on phones or simply turning them off when unused would be a positive step in protecting our future generations health. As well as the health departement acknowledging the detrimental effects of EMR and EMF and trying to reduce them and ensuring towers are placed away from populated locations.


Dr Fortina Dandas